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Proven strategies for achieving blazing quality.


Trusted advice and resources for every possible situation 24/7.


Personal attitude and investment in your business welfare.


Bridged the gap between ideas and impact for your business success.


Cutting-edge knowledge for fast-changing requirements.

Who We Are

Ambassadors who empower businesses with creating or scaling your engineering squad and provide high-quality custom software.

We will become valuable players in your crew, leading you through the whole path from finding individual proficient engineers to filling the gap in your tech team. Furthermore, we will supply vetted and certified teams who will successfully take care of your project from the idea-moment to its launch.

“Cortance builds digital products that let people do things differently.”


Find out a comfortable and efficient way to hire remote developers.

We will help you to extend your tech solution vision and build competitive software by providing world-class remote engineers on demand.

Scale your tech team, not your headache. You no longer have to deal with the recruitment and hiring processes - we make it easy by taking care of the laborious phases for you. We cover all employment-related responsibilities with our Full-On rate that covers salary, vacations, social security, and medical taxes.

Focus on your customers and reach new heights by reducing operational costs and allocating your power priority to what truly matters.

“Cortance - your in-house remote team without the associated costs.”

Four steps to
Find your best match

You tell our technical manager the requirements of your perfect developer or project description.


We dive into our engineer talent pool to select the most proper candidates and share their CVs with you.


When you see a match, we won't delay and start onboarding as soon as you plan.


The development process begins! In 68% of cases, onboarding starts in less than 9 days.


While you focus on company promotion activities, we take care of your technical task realization.

Need a kick-off of setting up an entirely new tech team?

Cortance offers a full-cycle development focused on creating unique Web and Mobile apps for groundbreaking businesses. We cover full assistance in building a self-managed squad with the skills and expertise required to fulfill your tech requirements.

Now with the dedicated team formed by Cortance, you can spend more time on other business-critical activities.

“Cortance - your professional tech department.”

Discovery phase

Find answers by investigating business together.

Mobile Development

Immerse your customers with elegant and interactive mobile solutions.

Web Development

Dominate your niche with cutting-edge web software.

Dedicated Team

Unleashing your business's potential with a dedicated team of experts.

Team extension

Expand your team and pick top talents to join you on the journey to success.

Technical Support

Elevate your business with meticulous technical support.

Discover the Cost of Your Project

We’ll contact you within one business day ( UTC+2 ).

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Explore plan options for scaling teams

No hidden fees or surprises in your bill! Our transparent plans means you can always rest assured that you are getting value for your money and can confidently budget your expenses.

20 hours weekly

Get a great way to stay nimble and adapt to changing business needs with part-time involvement.

  • Achieve optimal flexibility and productivity even with reduced daily workflow.
  • Enjoy a pleasant cost without experiencing the sense of being excessively involved.
  • Take advantage of a committed resource that is at your disposal for the specified hours.
40 hours weekly

Take advantage of cheaper rates by getting more service hours and providing you with more value for your investment.

  • Obtain full-time developers exclusively dedicated to your project, at our most affordable hourly rate.
  • Experience the benefits of a dedicated resource exclusively available for your project.
  • Get effective results through a consistent and stable workflow.
2+ hours a day

Create a customized schedule and workflow that meets your specific needs and preferences with our flexible setup options.


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