Privacy Policy
Last updated: 2023-12-19

At Cortance, safeguarding your personal information is paramount. Our commitment extends to cherishing your privacy and actively implementing measures to ensure its protection.

This Policy comprehensively outlines the methods and objectives underlying our utilization of your Personal Data. Additionally, we detail the legal grounds on which we base our usage and the meticulous measures to safeguard this information. You'll also find guidance on exercising your rights associated with how we handle your Personal Data.

Cortance OÜ, identified by registration number 16865392, ("Cortance," "we," "us," "our"), acts as the Controller for all the Personal Data mentioned in this distinctive Privacy Policy (the "Policy").

This Policy is a comprehensive guide to how we manage Personal Data when you engage with us, utilize our Services, or navigate through our platforms such as & (collectively referred to as the "Functions").


The term "Applicable Law" encompasses the array of regulations governing the handling of Personal Data, encompassing not only the GDPR and pertinent national laws but also inclusive of practices, directives, and recommendations prescribed by national or EU supervisory authorities.

"Controller" is the company or organization that holds the authority to determine the purposes and methodologies governing the processing of Personal Data. This responsibility entails adherence to Applicable Law while overseeing the Processing of Personal Data.
A "Data Subject" signifies an individual, alive and natural, whose Personal Data undergoes processing.

"Personal Data" encapsulates all information linked, whether directly or indirectly, to an identifiable natural person.

"Processing" constitutes any action or series of actions carried out on Personal Data, encompassing tasks like storage, modification, retrieval, transmission, and analogous procedures.

The "Processor," in turn, denotes the company or organization handling Personal Data on behalf of the Controller. Their actions are bound by the Controller's directives and are subject to compliance with Applicable Law.

"The Services" are to provide companies with highly skilled tech talents as well as provide opportunities for talents in search of a remote job.

The definitions above shall apply in the Policy regardless of whether they are capitalized or not.

Age restriction

Our Service mandates that users must be at least 18 years old. We explicitly prohibit individuals under the age of 18 from accessing or utilizing any features or services provided by the Service. It's our firm stance not to gather personal data from anyone under 18 knowingly. If you are under 18, we kindly urge you to refrain from engaging with the Service. We deeply value online privacy and are committed to upholding its sanctity.

In the event that we become aware or suspect that a user is under 18, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions, which may include limiting, pausing, or terminating their use of the Service, as we deem necessary. Should you suspect a user is below the age of 18, please inform us via email at [email protected]

By utilizing the Service, you assume the status of a user and thereby provide your consent to our collection, utilization, and disclosure of information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Cortance's processing of personal data

This Policy delineates the Processing of Personal Data wherein Cortance assumes the role of the Controller. As the Controller, we bear responsibility for determining the purpose ("the why") and the means for the Processing (what methods, what Personal Data, and for how long it is stored). It's important to note that this Policy does not encompass our procedures for Processing Personal Data when functioning as a Processor, specifically when undertaking tasks on behalf of our customers.

Our platform serves as a nexus, facilitating the alignment of tech talent with companies seeking to expand their technical teams. To enable this, we engage in Processing information necessary for reaching out to individuals expressing active interest in our services, either seeking talent or applying to join our network. This encompasses activities such as establishing user accounts, matching clients with suitable talents, managing time reports, invoicing, and more. In some cases, we may also utilize personal data for marketing endeavors, disseminating information, or offers to our audience.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

Information we collect and how we use it

To use the Service, you're required to furnish personal data to verify your identity. This may encompass details like your first and last name, email, or phone number. Creating your Cortance Account ("Account") mandates the provision of specific personal data such as your first and last name, email, location and voice recording.

We collect and process voice recordings to assess English proficiency and language skills. By using our service, you consent to the collection and processing of your voice recordings for this specific purpose.

The voice recordings we collect are used solely for the purpose of assessing your English proficiency. We do not use these recordings for any other purposes without obtaining your explicit consent.

Once your Account is established and accessible, you retain the privilege to input or modify any information, including personal data, within your Account. By doing so, you confirm that (a) the information provided is accurate, relevant, and current, AND (b) you have no history of committing felonies or severe indictable offenses, nor have you been involved in fraudulent activities, and are not under police investigation for intellectual property fraud.

It's important to note that we do not intend to gather any personal data that may be deemed "special" or "sensitive" according to specific jurisdictions. This includes but is not limited to information related to gender, religious beliefs, or political views ("Sensitive Personal Data").
In the course of your Service use, we may collect and retain information associated with your interactions, including data transmitted through the Service. We utilize and process this information to ensure the Service's functionality, fulfill on-site requests, enhance service quality, conduct research and analysis, tailor your experience, track Service usage, market the Service, offer customer support, communicate with you, safeguard our systems through backups and disaster recovery procedures, fortify Service security, combat fraud and abuse, estimate and report audience size and traffic, and meet legal obligations.

It's also important to note that you are entitled to create an Account of your own only, and you are strictly forbidden to use any personal data of any other persons while creating your Account. If you believe that someone has created an unauthorized account depicting you or your experience, please contact us at [email protected] immediately.

While utilizing the Service, we might gather personal data linked to your actions within the platform, encompassing details about the Contracts created within your Account and the progress/results associated with these Contracts. This could entail various activities, such as sharing, liking, commenting, messaging, blocking, and filing reports alongside your search patterns, viewed screens, and timestamps of your visits. This information collection serves the purpose of facilitating the Service's functionality and aids us in refining our recommendation algorithm, identifying and rectifying bugs or issues, innovating new features, and monitoring for activities that contravene our Terms of Use. Additionally, this data contributes to our financial reporting processes.

We may share your personal data with other Service users, with service providers and partners who help us operate the Service in the event of a business transaction and for law enforcement purposes. Also, we may use third-party services for the English proficiency assessment. These third parties adhere to strict data protection standards, and your voice recordings are shared with them solely for the purpose of assessment.

Your use of our service implies your consent for the collection and processing of all the needed information for the stated purpose. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at [email protected].

How long do we keep your Personal Data

For as long as it's required for the intended use, we'll retain your personal information. The legal foundation for our support of the Processing may be based on one of the following: a) a contract; b) legitimate consent; c) a legal declaration; or d) an internal evaluation based on a legitimate interest assessment (LIA). while feasible, we have included the length of time the personal data will be kept in the list below, along with the factors that were taken into consideration while making that decision.

We never store your Personal Data longer than necessary and delete Personal Data regularly.

Security measures

At Cortance, comprehensive technical and organizational steps have been enacted to guarantee the secure Processing of your Personal Data, shielding it from potential loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.

Our security protocols encompass both organizational and technical measures:

Organizational Security Measures: These are ingrained within our work methodologies and operational routines.

  • Internal governance documents (including policies and instructions)
  • Management of login credentials and passwords

Technical Security Measures: Implemented through technological solutions.

  • Encryption methods ensuring data protection
  • Access logs meticulously tracking interactions
  • Establishment of a secure network infrastructure
  • Usage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for added security
  • Routine back-up procedures
  • Regular and rigorous security assessments to fortify our protective measures


Cortance, along with our partnered third parties, employ an array of technologies, including cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, and similar tools (collectively termed "Cookies"), to enhance your experience across the Service, third-party websites, and mobile applications. These Cookies, equipped with unique identifiers, can be located on your computer or mobile device, within emails we dispatch, and on our web pages. They facilitate the transmission of information concerning your interaction with the Service, encompassing details like browser type, search preferences, IP address, data related to viewed or clicked advertisements, and the timestamps of your usage. These Cookies might persist over time or exist solely for the duration of your session. Notably, Cookies are employed upon accessing the Site, even if you utilize it without registering for an account.

Adjusting Cookie preferences can be done via your device or browser settings, although this action may impact the Site's functionality. Turning off Cookies varies based on your device and browser, typically accessible within preferences or security settings. For instance, iOS and Android devices offer settings aimed at curtailing certain forms of ad tracking. It's essential to acknowledge that modifying these settings doesn't prevent the display of certain advertisements to you.

Changes to the Policy

We retain the authority to augment, amend, update, or revise this Policy at any given time. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy will regulate the collection, utilization, and disclosure of information pertaining to you, accessible here. In the event of substantial alterations to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you either via email or by posting a notice on the Site ahead of the changes taking effect. Your continued access or utilization of the Service subsequent to the implementation of these alterations signifies your acknowledgment of the revised Privacy Policy.


Please contact us if you have questions about our Privacy Policy or if you have any other questions about how we process your personal information: [email protected]